Sunday, May 9, 2010

Rianti Rhiannon Cartwright (born in Bandung, West Java, 22 September 1983; age 25 years) is a model, stage, MTV VJ and Indonesia. Rianti education through the International Education Program at the Department of International Business and Marketing of the University of Tasmania, Singapore, he is also a Muslim, and the youngest child of two. Women are born from the father and Welsh mother bloody Sunda-Java had this huge star video clips, Ello, and Lent. Rianti user is Clinique Happy perfume and Estée Lauder pleasures and the owner of 162 cm tall.

Since the small, the owners full name Rianti Rhiannon Cartwright this work to add their own pocket money. Starting from the world model at the age of 16 years and had become editor-language magazine maxx M in Bandung, Rianti create a comfortable working hard. Rianti then continues on to the world. Bid is the first film from Soraya Intercine film to take in the Eiffel I'm in Love, which starred Samuel Rizal and Shandy Aulia. After that Rianti play in the kind of Love It! (2005). Rianti start since become known to the public, the MTV VJ driving 'Global Room', 'What's Up,' and the 'MTV Weekend'. Becoming MTV VJ since 2005, Rianti step in the entertainment world Indonesia increasingly dogged her since she Singles (2006) as Asri, the main player. [1] In the year 2006, Rianti also play in the film Message From Heaven (2006). In this movie, one that Rianti Muslim accused impersonating a devout Catholic who is also clever play music.

In 2007, Rianti play together Tora Sudiro and Indra Birowo in D'Bijis. Enthusiasts All American Reject band Green Day and it said, had difficulty Asti leaders portray the tomboy in the film because of the different characters that most other people enjoy the original. Still in the same year, Rianti play back movies. This time, Rianti play in the film adaptation novel results of the paper Habiburahman Shirazy El Artist of Love. In the film, entitled to the same movies, the Artist of Love, Rianti didapuk as Aisha, a student of foreign descendants of German and Turkish, intelligent, beautiful and rich feast, which is conducting his research in Egypt. [4] After the movie Love Artist successful, Rianti offered to play patron Munajah Love. In these endeavors, his role as Khumaira, a woman who really slice, humble, but a contagious disease of diabetes. Bandung International School graduate is admitted to feel comfortable when he put on veil.


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