Monday, May 17, 2010

Rebecca has complete name rebecca soejati reijman (borns at den haag, dutch, 21 februaries 1985; age 25 year) dutch nationality singer. in the year 2007, rebecca join in memeriah indonesia music world with merilis the first album, " conscience" .
Rebecca braid connection with abi yapto, former oil lamp darling sastrowardoyo. Second child from three bersaudara pair robert jean lewis reijman (dutch) and rinie soejati (magelang) this born and big at dutch. since childhood, rebecca like to sing. to sharpen the talent, he also follows vocal practice and step into conservatoire at dutch. rebecca finish education at university den haag, at management area and law.

Initially rebecca to only want to go on vacation indonesia. but niatan that change when romeo, the man brother, introduce rebecca in" 88 music" . dj sumantri from side 88 music interested in the voice and invite rebecca cooperate in album maker. principal album bertajuk" conscience" memproduseri dj sumantri be label 88 music, contain 10 songs many narated about woman and love. theme melantunkan rebecca in so many genre music likes r&b, jazz, pop and rock. song bertajuk without you be gamecock song in this album.


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