Friday, May 21, 2010

Name Novia even also more quicker memperbincangkan at year 2004, self time accuses divorce the husband, muhammad star or intimate called abin. their household storm really asa since year 2003, moment novi informed close to tio pakusadewo then with agus kuncoro. bha agus kuncoro menilali as a third collapse it household novi-abin. they are that get married on 9 februaries 2001 favoured a woman child, jasmine star pearl. bercerai doesn't mean novia candid from shadow abin. at mid 2004, novi appear with eye lebam. novi admit striken by former the husband sepulang from cafe.After two year menjanda, novi sempat informed close to origin entrepreneur brunei darussalam. although that news is final menepis by novi. Novi that embrace islam since year 1987 this admit ever involved drug during six year. but final with full intention to stops, novi success get out of drug trap.


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