Monday, May 17, 2010

Tina Astari (born at jakarta, 19 augusts 1979; age 30 year) indonesia actress. Tina Astari begin the career at comfort world with headline sinetron warehouse blood at year 2002. tina even also clear away wide sail world plays in film runs from blora (2008). year 2008, tina will headline sinetron will chase to vb4 the first, zahra, vb4 in ramadhan.
Tina Astari often assumed to resemble with pesinetron della puspita this sempat informed close to sandalwood family heir, banner trihatmodjo. but tina dispute that news. now, tina is braiding affection with group guitarist element, aryan. Love affair aryanly 'element obvious not can to go along way. but since mid 2008, tina braid affection with band bonuses vocalist, you wardhana. this pair is serious braids connection. if bothing;there is no hindrance blocks, they will rise decorative weding-bed in this year.


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