Monday, May 17, 2010

Taffana Dewi is movies and sinetron Indonesian star. born at Yogyakarta, 31st July 1974. Ana, ordinary such is called, on year 1990 an, often back up hot movies, Misteri Permainan, Gairah Malam, Tergoda Nafsu dan Pencet Sana Pencet Sini.To amount to sinetron according success be headlined among those Si Buta Dari Goa Hantu, Darah Biru, Singgasan Brahma Kumbara, Mahkota Mayangkara, Kaca Benggala, Darah dan Cinta, Cinta Tiada Akhir, etc.In its acting career, actress that its name bounces up and popularly pass sinetron Three its Houris has once found' accidents'. While is her become guest star to hand down Special laughter comedy Ala Trans TV, kemben who be put on sunken until its breast gushes sticking out. it makes its name get recognised society.Up to now star sinetron this Eclipse Is frequent performs to headline film and sinetron. Including its success GADIS METROPOLIS the movies.


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