Wednesday, May 19, 2010

In the years 2002-2003, starting Jupe known in Indonesia through the endeavors of Love Location, Comedy naughty, coast guard, Leaves Night, Sorry I, Divine Secrets, Hidayah, Duke, sweet dreams, and women did last.All the Chess Association of Indonesia (PERCASI) take into Julia ikonnya. This tournament marked the launch "Julia Perez Rapid Open Chess Tournament" in the building Piramyd BPG, Senayan, Jakarta, Indonesia on 5 October 2006.
Jupe also has played in several feature films, among others, between Susahnya So, bear the graves and The Shaman. In the film bear the graves, his role as the devil.

In August 2007, Julia Perez became a bearer of football on the football match between Liverpool and Terengganu in Lebak Bulus Stadium. He was admitted into the presenter to a sense of kangennya with her husband. According to him, many football players that can be so handsome kangennya taste treat. Julia Perez started to world music Dangerman in April 2008 and released an album titled prime berbonus the Kamasutra condoms. Before releasing the album, he has taken the world Dangerman. Even Julia themselves with vocal and have a roster shake is given the name "shake blender." He also became the first champion music competition "Celebrity For Dangerman" which was held in ANTV.


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