Monday, May 17, 2010

Lyssies Priscillia born at jakarta, 5 aprils 1985; age 25 year) model and indonesia characterization. at modelling world, sissy known as youth model. he is model since aged 13 year. sissy then be champion ii my friend model 1999. name sissy begin melambung moment personate woman rather telmi (late mikir) named milly in wide sail film what happened with loves? (2002). milly one from four friends loves (oil lamp sastrowardoyo), film principal figure. [1 besides film, sissy also sempat play in a few sinetron like borju and so what gitu loh. Franc fan woman sinatra this has also talent in pull voice. as initially, sissy berduet with singer nugie in one of [the] javanese song at album nugie, " until die to love in you" .sing even also not new matter, because in age 11 year, sissy ever so personel kid vocal group reggae.
several long sissy unseen at comfort world because busy finish lecture desainer clothes at esmod international jakarta since 2003 and declared to pass in 2006. sissy really desire to be desainer since sma.After sekian vacuum long from comfort world, sissy return to play in wide sail film have a title cintapuccino (2007). in film that directed by rudi soedjarwo, sissy personate rahmi. film cintapuccino mengadaptasi from novel icha rachmanti.


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