Thursday, May 27, 2010

Film Indonesia in 2010 this time probably belongs to the Hantu Puncak DAtang Bulan.Meskipun news circulated that the film.This Sex Horror bakala the gallant of the foreign news MUI.Bukan again if the Sensational from this film. Andi Soraya.Adegan is Topless and Scene Roll andi Soraya was so clearly seen in the movie Ghost Coming Bulan.Sejak first peak was andi Soraya selallu in mounting this gossip Nude Photos (ed). Here is screenshot Unsensor Nude Photos Topless Movie Scene Ghost Peak Months Before You Came Watch Movies will have on the sensor.

Aluna Sagita Gutawa (born in Jakarta on 11th August 1993) is the full name of singer more popularly known as Gita Gutawa. She is an Indonesian singer with soprano vocal. She is also the daughter of Indonesian popular musician, Erwin Gutawa
She sang the Indonesian version of Freshlyground's Doo Bee Doo with same title.
She had won many awards including SCTV Music Awards. Recently she won The 6th International Nile Children Song Festival in Egypt.

Gita Gutawa learned music vocalizing since she was on the 2nd grade of the elementary school. Since she saw a classic concert in a hotel in Jakarta. Around 2005, Ada Band was looking for a kid singer with a unique voice for their project. Gita Gutawa chosen to be the kid singer to sing with Ada Band. Their song, Yang Terbaik Bagimu or "The Best For You" became a hit in Indonesia. In February 2007, she launched her first solo album, which was self-titled. The noted singles from this album are Bukan Permainan, Kembang Perawan, and Doo Be Doo, which won many musical awards in Indonesia. in May 2009, Gita launched her second album titled Harmoni Cinta or 'Love Harmony'.

Friday, May 21, 2010

Women who have a 170 cm height was starting a career in the entertainment world by becoming a model. While her acting career in 2008, Cathy went into wide-screen acting through cameo roles in films Barbi3. directed by Helfi Ch. Kardit
Cathy decided to quit as a VJ on MTV in May 2007. But his name remained on the presenter after receiving the offer to be the presenter infotainment! Nsert in Trans TV since October 2007. Cathy is also now known to support Extravaganza comedy show.

Happy Salma sexy photo sesion,We love her so much especially this take, we have to share this with you guys. I would post this up in my bedroom wall and have sweet (wet) dreams everynig.

In The Silent the young artist Revalina S. Temat evidently fans heavy to Tora Sudiro. For quite a long time Revalina S. Temat admired the handsome man nan the humorist. He had one obsession that must be realised by him with Tora Sudiro. What tuh? "I wanted really was in films with Tora Sudiro," said the normal artist was greeted by Reva, was met detikhot in Jakarta just recently. In the eyes of the main star the 'Bawang Putih Shallot' film, Tora Sudiro was the actor's perfect noose.

Apart from skilled joked (in Extravaganza), Tora Sudiro could also act serious like in 'Banyu Biru' and the 'Arisan'. Then whether his plan to bring about his obsession? The Revalina S. Temat face at once changed confused when this question was thrown. He said all that just his thoughts then. Acted in the wide screen indeed was the dream. Unfortunately during several months in front of this matter was not possible to be done considering schedule congestion syuting the film.

At year-end 2007, pevita play to return in film lost in love that vb4 may month 2008. in this film, pevita get principal character as tita and will play richard kevin that will personate adit. pevita get character tita pass series long selection process begins from around 1.100 registrar up to mengerucut eight person and from film lost in love, pevita bomination as best woman principal player ffi 2008.


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