Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Child to three from 4 bersaudara this know comfort world since childhood. moment aged 5 year, risty headline advertisement a milk product. but after enter school base, the mother wants so that risty concentration to the school.
Moment s, risty and the school friends follows model arena that conducted my friend magazine. when follow continuation selection after success enter 100 big, risty get offer from a talent search to headline pucelle. risty even also menyamber chance that and postpone self from my friend model election arena.

The appearance at advertisement interestings attention md entertainment final give exclusive contract. first appearance sinetron hiv + and ridho. several sinetron other then membintanginya among others, adolescent bride, god's guidance door, tempter prince, very affection, and hey pretty. name risty even also melejit after personate andien, illusion younger brother (revalina s temat) in film pocong 2.
In the year 2008, risty headline film bestfriend? with nikita willy, his character is at this film is enough memukau because is evaluated differ from previous. in this film him plays girlish from family broken home and want to struggle from existing rule, but memblaik character struggle it this, he has strong value defends the principle, that is say no to drugs.
Beginning 2009 this, risty be star at clip video derby romero with love seething title.


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