Monday, August 30, 2010

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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Place/Date of Birth : Jakarta , 17-08-1991
Education : 1st Semester Jurusan Sastra Perancis UI
Occupation : Student
Achievement : First Winner of Vocal & Band Al-Azhar Indonesia
First Winner of Fighting Pencak Silat.

Qory Sandioriva which is known as Puteri Indonesia 2009 who is take part as a miss universe 2010 contestant from indonesia has the highest chance to win the miss universe 2010 crown. along with the other 10 contestant. It was said that there's a topless photo session for miss universe 2010 event where rima fakih as USA contestant do a topless photo session together with la toya woods from Trinidad & tobago and maiko itai from japan. Unlike the other contestant Qory Sandioriva will only wear a one piece swimsuit for the swimsuit photosession and she will wear papua traditional costume on miss universe 2010 event.

Before leaving for America, Qory also do some special preparation. Aceh's bloody woman has had a chance to follow the international classes for public speaking, table manner, global issues, body treatments, facial, makeup classes and hair do.
On the night of the Miss Universe 2010 peak, Stefania Fernandez Miss Universe 2009 from Venezuela will be crowned the winner who managed to set aside this year's finalists were followed by 83 participants.
So who will be the winner of Miss Universe 2010 Event? Let's Vote for Qory Sandioriva from Indonesia to be the next miss universe.

Nama : Raline Rahmat Shah
Hometown : Medan
tanggal lahir :4 MARET 1985
Prestasi : Puteri Indonesia Favorit 2008
Raline has won Miss North Sumatra
She also won Puteri Pulau Sumatra

Raline Rahmat Shah, Putri Indonesia 2008 Favorites

North Sumatra had a `daughter`. His name Raline Rahmat Shah. In addition to beautiful and smart, Miss Indonesia's North Sumatra is also a smart home singing. Princess Favorites Raline crowned Miss Indonesia 2008 in the event at the Plenary Hall, Jakarta Convention Centre, Friday (15 / 8) night.
He received support from nearly 67 percent of incoming sounds. The figure is very striking with the second and third. Raline Rahmat Rahmat Shah is the daughter of the Shah, the Turkish Honorary Consulate in Medan. He is also nephew of Anuar Shah alias Aweng, Chairman of the Pemuda Pancasila (PP) of North Sumatra.

However, Raline not elected in three major Indonesian Princess. Princess Grand Final event was also attended by Governor of North Sumatra Indonesia Syamsul Arifin and wife.

When the Grand Final took place, some estimates Raline going to be a winner. Indeed, a number of journalists Raline sponsor. ''He is beautiful, smart, the answer is always right. I think Princess Sumut elected,''said Shukri, Real tabloid journalist who was on the scene.

Raline even breached five large before excluded. He signed with representatives of five major DI Jogjakarta, Anggi Mahesti, from Jakarta-6, Zivanna Letisha Siregar, from Bali, Ayu Diandra Sari and from Jakarta-1, Ajeng Meilisa Patria.

Furthermore, in three large living leaves Mahesti Anggi, Zivanna Letisha Siregar and Ayu Diandra Sari. Zivanna Letisha Siregar of Jakarta-6 finally crowned the Miss Indonesia 2008. Anggi Mahesti grabbed runner-up II and Ayu Diandra Sari took runner-up I.

Selection Through the theme of your pretty emit Affairs and Conservation Work For Persada Nusantara. In the event local elections, Raline capable of removing 10 participants. Since the beginning, indeed Raline dijagokan to win. Himself capable of answering questions with the current jury.

On that evening given by the Crown Princess Beautiful Rahmaini directly to Raline and given a sling as long as North Sumatra Indonesia 2008 Putri. Raline plead not think he will win. "I feel grateful enough to elect. I was proud to be entrusted as Vice President of North Sumatra, "said Raline with tears in her eyes when elected to represent North Sumatra.

The girl who graduated at the National University of Singapore said, already have preparation to Jakarta. According Raline, he will show his vocal abilities with songs like the Batak, but he failed to become Miss Indonesia. Raline award winning 'the International Youth Gold Award' in 2004 and fluent in French.


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