Thursday, May 13, 2010

Ladya Cheryl Baharrizki (born at jakarta, 11 aprils 1981; age 29 year) a indonesia actress that born from pair jussuf baharrizki and julie vita virgo. name ladya gift from the grand mother menggemari lady mengana. Child second from 4 bersaudara this begin the career at indonesia comfort world since reaches favorite champion degree top guest various 1997 and champion ii face femina 2000. afterwards, ladya be clip video model and advertisement star. woman as high as 157 cm this is ever be clip video model t-five (“kau” and “yang indah”), rice (“kasih not sampai”), and jikustik (“akhiri this is with indah”). advertisement sedan ever membintanginya among others, tropicool, super nutrient cream, lippobank, and wella koleston.

Ladya Cheryl even also clear away wide sail acting world. the first film, " what happened with love? " direct lift the name via character as school girl kalem named alya. in this film, ladya play together oil lamp sastro, nicholas saputra, titi kamal, sissy priscillia, and adinia wirasti.
After aadc, woman ever be fashion stylist at adolescent magazine hey this even also gets offer plays in film" let star dances" (2003) and " banyu blue" (2005), with a short film" kara, child a bar of tree" (2005). film" kara, child a bar of tree" even memputar at film festival cannes 2005 and chosen in program bomination merector`s fortnight that spreaded out together with film festival cannes, prancis.


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