Monday, May 17, 2010

Name : Tia Ivanka
Born : 8 September l978
Height/Weight : 160/46 kg
Carrer : Sinetron Actrees
Hobbi : Watching drama movie & love story
Sport : Jogging, fitness
Dislike : Lied

Beading Designers Bra, Triumph International, is pushing the green message with a subject that should reduce the disposable chopsticks, which are compact, and now part of the bra. Maybe a small step in the green movement, but a lot of chopsticks in Japan are removed, a large proportion of forests are allowed to do. Bra assume the stick is supposed to help reduce the disposal chopsticks.
Sticks were first used in China for nearly four thousand years, and about three years ago were available in Japan. The Japanese cast estimated twenty-five million pairs of wooden chopsticks every year, which are made of recycled wood chips. I think the only hope is that these fasteners are used by women who do not sweat!


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