Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Dinna Olivia Jasin (born at jakarta, 8 februaries 1983; age 27 year) model with characterization sinetron and indonesia film. woman as high as 172 cm this begin the career from modelling world and clear away acting world. the youngest in the family daughter three bersaudara pair djuanda jasin and dahliani jasin this is with jurgen habermas and nirina zubir ever headline film 30 days looks for to love and ever headline sinetron mother. After achieving the Best Actress IMA Trophy, there is a news that say Dina Olivia has become second wife of KONI advanced official.
The information came from the official first wife family, saying that Dina Olivia new husband is willing to divorce his first wife with registers procedure of divorce at PA South Jakarta.
There also more sensation news, the official child has been chase away by his first wife from they home at area elite Pondok Indah with act violence.

Dinna Olivia that play in mother beam story film, get best actress appreciation ffi television beam story film category in indonesia film festival 2005. at year 2007, the character as ningsih, a psk at flower market (sarkem) yogyakarta in film chases brothers get many attentions, praise and appreciation. the acting blessing that decoy in film, he is bestowed on degree most favorite actress, in arena mtv indonesia movie awards (mima) 2007, chosen woman principal characterization jak-tv film festival jakarta 2007, and best woman principal characterization in indonesia film festival 2007 that is held at riau. temporary at arena indonesian movie award (ima) 2008, he is success reaches best woman principal characterization via film same.
Dinna Olivia get married with anto subowo, tall official son koni at indians. this wedding news is corrected by rita subowo, mother anto.


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