Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Della precede career as photo race feminine champion action malibu year 1997. furthermore face della often decorate various magazine cover. afterwards offer sinetron even also approach della like: selfrespect, affection string and goddess fortuna. but via sinetron wedding meni-lah that make pair an only child name yakumi sato and goddess kartika this is melambung. besides play sinetron, della also ever take outside a recording album have a title beginning darling and end.

Della Puspita get married with jocky fernando on 6 augusts 2004. their first child, don aubrey daisuke, born 24 octobers 2005. their second child, fara miyako emi joana, born 10 augusts 2009
After favoured a child, although the husband many reside in japanese, but in this time della is waiting for to birth child both. della hope child both this berjenis woman sex.
della ever cause consternation public via the case henry'sly pasman that admit as father della. even when does get married della use judge guardian from kua. while that attend the wedding mother della that accompanied a man that admitted as father contains della, yakumi sato.


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