Saturday, May 8, 2010

Atiqah Hasiholan (born at jakarta, 3 januaries 1982; age 28 year) indonesia characterization. atiqah daughter from activist and artist, ratna sarumpaet.
Atiqah Hasiholan actress that bringed up theater theater grand stand one red grand stand. sempat demand science to monash university. atiqah come up as jami the principal figure in bitch staging and the president. come up in film shares husband as ima, callow wife sir pilgrim memperankan el beads, with appear in a few television film title. girl births 3 januaries 1982 be film principal characterization suster n.

First time come up at wide sail, moment atiqah menawari character by nia configuringed at film shares husband in the year 2006. from the principal first appearance, atiqah begin to get many offers plays wide sail film. love setaman, prohibitive door and batty several films ever he stars.
In year 2009, atiqah get predikat" star of the year" from mellyana's guardians[1 because evaluated success in the movies during one year.


* Berbagi Suami (2006)
* Suster N (2007)
* Cinta Setaman (2008)
* Pintu Terlarang (2009)
* Jamila Dan Sang Presiden (2009)
* Ruma Maida (2009)
* Gila-Gilaan (2009)


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