Saturday, June 5, 2010

November 2006 Feli forced to deal with the police due to hit Dwi Andhika, while managers and lovers of the Andien. While the case is eventually culminate peaceful, but the law continues to run and only awaiting a call from the court. [6] After speaking -month trial, Feli can finally breathe relieved with the verdicts dijatuhkannya three months to six months probation. This decision more light two months from the prosecutors claim.

As a result of involvement in the case, Feli experienced material losses. Contract work with several parties canceled. Specifically, the job ads related to the image. However, Feli grateful. And as it thanksgiving form, Feli Ummah to leave the holy land. Ratu Felisha is a wannita like tattoos. There are 3 tattoos on the body. Tato image crown in the back, and tattoos image chain in the circle left foot and a tattoo in the crypt.Since 2006, Feli raise a child, Dasha Godiva, which has deemed it as their own daughter.


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