Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Marissa Christina born in Jakarta, June 3, 1984, age 26 years is an actress, of mixed blood actors Indonesia Italy and Cirebon, West Java, Indonesia. He is the second child of four siblings.

Indo-italy girl 'was once better known as Miranda. Gede prestige thanks to the success of soap operas-Gedean who starred. Masayu Anastasia, Teuku Zacky, Zacky Zimah & late. Adi Firansyah. Marissa Christina success in soap operas brought him to play a role in several soap operas that are more challenging, including Love in the Flats. acting with the best actors clashing ngetop SCTV Awards that year, Anjasmara, Rainbow Love. Sign in Kampung Bule with the actors, Mark Peter. and many more some of the title, played by soap opera, a girl who is often referred to as a girl with this perfect beauty.

Before getting into the entertainment world, is the candidate of experience Marissa Christina Garuda Indonesia flight attendants - who've followed all the tests, and ready to fly - at the same time, he met with the casting of PH MVP handyman at an event and asked relatives to star sinetron. Yes ... that's where Marissa Christina's early career. Certainly if he does not play the soap opera, this time he has become a stewardess.

Marissa Christina is one artist that is far from gossip, both personal and other gossip. Along the reduced number of production soap operas on television Multivision Plus Indosiar, Marissa Christina appearance goes down. In the year 2008 feeling nostalgic fans of the actress was born in Jakarta, June 3, 1984 was treated after seeing the latest promo sinetron Indosiar, Larasati. Along its length episodes - Larasati, Genta Buana Paramita soap opera production that lasted 100 episodes of this successful fit and enjoy the good rating, the result of fans increases.


* "Yang Muda Yang Bercinta"
* "Gengsi Gede-Gedean"
* "Langkahku"
* "Celana Bulu Jin"
* "Cintaku di Rumah Susun
* "Gue Ok Situ Ok"
* "Pelangi Cinta"
* "Larasati (sinetron)"
* "Pengorbanan Anggun"

Film televisi

* Cinta di Batas Akhir
* Ada Cinta di Jakarta


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