Monday, October 11, 2010

Putri Lana dan Cinta Penelope, That's the name of two women who finally selected for Charly Conch Keong Racun.Dan merging these names then become duo Putri Penelope. Putri Penelope duo filmed a singer singing the song charly ST12 in re arensemen dangdut koplo snail toxins that more famous. Snail song became a hit because of this Keong Racun , Shinta and Jojo action in the video by doing lipsync with various actions.

Putri Penelope is a combination of Cinta Lana singer and Cinta so that a Putri Penelope. The two singers are still very new in the music world today. To two beautiful girls is an option charly ST12 for the song pop version of snail poison. With the beautiful and sexy appearance, which will become the second characteristic of this singer. And Putri Penelope did not want mendompleng Shinta and Jojo fame through his action. Is this going to famous Putri Penelope like Shinta and Jojo? We see their work in the music world homeland.


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