Sunday, October 10, 2010

Fanny Febriana is the only child born in Bandung, 24 years ago, and so far he is quite far from the negative rumors. His career in the world model began as a teenager. Now, he's right in front of us, with a big smile he explains early in his career as a model. "It is also not accidental, took the cover girl model junior high time," he said. Today, his career developed into a presenter, FTV, and finally the big screen. Leap far enough. But fair enough visits from his professional.

Behind the face and sweet roles, no one expected that he who loved the things challenging. sHe liked the rafting until smooth terbolak body around and hit his head stone. Furthermore, ida awaits a more challenging role. One of them a role as a lesbian. Wow, just heard we can not wait see it engage in girl on girl action.

Fanny Fabriana began her career in casting through a soap opera Preman Kampus / Galang. Fanny began to be known through hes role as Jingga in the soap opera with Agnes MOnica. Fanny is also known through advertising Pocari Sweat Pinocio version, Capilanos candy. In addition to being an actress, this model is also a television presenter.

Full Name : Fanny Fabriana
Birt Date : Bandung, 29 January 1985
Height : 175 cm
Weight : 55 kg
Occupation : Model, presenter, Movie Star, peragawati
Height : 175 cm


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