Saturday, March 27, 2010

Name: Sawajiri Erika
Birthdate: 1986/4/8
Nicknames: Deco (Childhood), Kacchan, Aachan
Horoscope: Aries
Blood Type: A
Birthplace: Tokyo, Japan (Her mother is a French-Japanese mixed)
Charming Point: Long eyelashes, forehead and small ears
Hobbies: People-watch, shopping, collecting cheap candies & cooking
Talent: Jazz dance, horse riding, swimming
Bad Habit: playing with her hands
Character: My-Pace
T·B·W·H: T160 B83 W58 H86 (2004)
Idol: Amuro Namie

- She is half-japanese, having a Japanese father (death of illness) and an Algerian-French mother and is the youngest child of three brothers and sisters. Her father died of cancer when she was in her third year at junior high school and her second eldest brother died of a car accident when she was in first

year at high school.
- Her father was the owner of racehorses, and owned sixteen race horses including Edonokoban
- Her specialty is horseback riding. She has been riding from childhood.
- Her name is derived from the flower's name. (Ericaceae's Erica)
- The opportunity which she entered the entertainment world was because she wanted to see Namie Amuro.
- It's said that she has a frank character in contrast with her girlish appearance.


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