Saturday, March 27, 2010

* Name : Parvati Melton
* Real Name : Parvati Melton
* Nick Name : Paro
* Place Of Birth : India
* Date Of Birth : January 7th
* Occupation : Actress, International model, and Dancer
* Sign : Capricorn
* Family : Mom Darika Preet Dad is Sham Melton ,
* one Younger sister Ariana Sitara Melton

Biography :
* Schooling: Marian GATE Gifted and Talented Education High School Program with transfer to UCB of CA, USA majoring in Business Administration College: UCB Family: Mom Darika Preet Dad is Sham Melton, and one Younger sister Ariana Sitara Melton.
Weight: 125lbs.
Favorite Perfume: Pleasure - Estee Laude
Favorite Food: Indian Vegetarian Food, Italian, Mediterranean
Favorite Holiday Spot: My home -personal pad!
Philosophy of life: When life pushes you back a step, take two steps forward
My weakness: Children and Animals
Languages known: English, Punjabi, and Hindi
Dream Role: Elizabeth Taylor in Cleopatra or any similar challenging role


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