Monday, July 19, 2010

Duo Keong Racun Sinta and Jojo | Video Keong Racun Kaskuser Duo. Since the Video 'Keong Racun'Sinta and Jojo the open top of YouTube, Facebook group raided Sinta and Jojo from his new fans. Starting from the 200 fans, the group now dipadati about 700 more fans.

These two sweet girls, Sinta and Jojo singing lipsinc Keong Racun song, and capture the hearts of many people. Maybe the teenagers are bored with the story video porno dibombardir Ariel, to the appearance of this girl so cuek two fresh entertainment.

Another Youtube, Facebook fan page already exists under the name of Sprott and Jojo Fan Club, with the number of fans nearly three thousand people. Sprott even more panic and explained that it is not her fan page is created. "So we're asking not to be renewed publicity about us especially well too in the blow-up privacy kitanya ga keganggu feel good, anyways this artist is not just idly looking for personal entertainment aja," wrote Sprott.

Video Sinta and Jojo - Keong Racun

Lirik Keong Racun

Dasar kau keong racun

Baru kenal eh ngajak tidur

Ngomong nggak sopan santun

Kau anggap aku ayam kampung

Kau rayu diriku

Kau goda diriku

Kau colek diriku

Eh ku takut sekali

tanpa basa basi kau ngajak happy happy

Eh kau tak tahu malu

Tanpa basa basi kau ngajak happy happy

Mulut kumat kemot

Matanya melotot

Lihat body semok

Pikiranmu jorok

Mentang-mentang kau kaya

Aku dianggap jablay

Dasar koboy kucai

Ngajak check-in dan santai

Sorry sorry sorry jack

Jangan remehkan aku

Sorry sorry sorry bang

Ku bukan cewek murahan

Info Lagu Keong Racun : Judul : Keong Racun/Penyanyi : Lissa/Album : Dangdut Techno/Label : Air Atudio

Video Sinta and Jojo - Keong Racun


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