Friday, April 23, 2010

Aki had been a model from the time she was in high school in the teen magazine Petit Seven. After landing roles in the dramas Sanshimaitanteidan and Ai no Gekijou, she continued to act in various other dramas. Later, her work as a gravure idol was broadcast on late-night TV. By now Aki was 25, but even so she has been nicknamed "The Eternal Girl" (eien no shoujo) for her young looks. Her work in gravure increased heavily in 2004 with both photobooks, DVDs, and TV appearances. Overexposure proved to be good for Aki's popularity and she gained many fans.

After getting more acting jobs in 2006, Aki began to use the kanji spelling of her name . The hiragana spelling is still used for variety programs on TV and her gravure work. Even now, nearing the age of 30, Aki still looks in her early 20s and will continue to be nicknamed "Eternal Girl".
Name: Hoshino Aki
Real name: Hoshino Aki
Nicknames: Akki
Birthdate: March 14th, 1977
Birthplace: Tokyo, Japan
Blood type: O
Height: 165cm
Bust: 88cm (G cup)
Waist: 56cm
Hips: 87cm
Shoe size: 24cm
Ability: Hoarding grapes in her mouth (like a chipmunk with acorns; her record is 10)
Hobbies: Getting massages, walking


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