Thursday, June 3, 2010

Morina Narova Sinaga otherwise known as Momo Geisha (born June 7, 1986, age 23 years) is Indonesian singer who is the vocalist of Geisha.Geisha is my favorite band right now, whichmakes me interested in the band's flagship song titled If Love is a beautiful vocalist and distinctive character. His name is Momo. Momo geisha is a beautiful singer with a distinctive voice, able to make his audience shudder. Either live or on tape remained steady.

Geisha Momo is his full name is Narova Morina who was born on 07 June 1986. From the whole band Geisha, momo only the Catholic religion, other Muslims.In addition to pop songs, Momo Geisha can also control some types of music genres, including blues, reggae, rock, dangdut, melayu, & humor.In fact he was veryngefans once with the Jonas Brothers, Green Day, for the sake Lovato, Jason Mraz, Christian Bautista, Bon Jovi & Shahrukh Khan to foreign music.One favorite song is the song grave momo geisha band titled "forget-forgot to remember" & all Jonas Brothers songs.Despite the different religions, he was also a fan of (late) KH Abdurrahman Wahid & she loved the idea gus dur dur gus other than national figures which he liked best was BJ Habibie, Amien Rais, Anas Urbaningrum & Sri Sultan Hamengkubuwono X.


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